Our Values

Long-Term Partnerships
We seek to build trusted, long-term relationships with our partners which we believe are the foundation for successful investments over many decades.

Alignment of Interest
In our experience successful deals are built on a symmetry of interests between all involved parties throughout the life cycle of the investment.

Risk-Return Optimisation
We never look at returns isolated from the risk undertaken to generate them. We select our investments to optimise returns whilst minimising risk.

Environmental and Social Governance
We strive for sustainability in our investments to maximise value to all stakeholders. Our belief is that strong environmental and social principles are the basis for optimal returns.

Investment Approach

Blue Future Partners is a performance-driven, value-add private equity firm investing in technology and real estate.

All our investments are structured to ensure the best possible alignment of interests to deliver optimal returns for our investors.

With our hands-on, entrepreneurial approach we aim to add tangible value to our partners as key driver of our performance.

Consistent with our belief that talent and opportunities are globally distributed we have a broad geographic investment focus across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Investment Themes

It is our conviction that technology is the fundamental driver of efficiency gains and therefore growth, transforming industries and societies globally.

With our investments in Internet and software focussed technology we aim to deliver substantial returns with our diversified investment approach.

With global population growth, ongoing urbanisation and the influence of technology on real estate, we are convinced that this asset class will continue to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

Our value-add strategies in both residential and commercial real estate drive our strong performance whilst ensuring solid downside protection.

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