Investment Approach

The firm invests indirectly in carefully selected and trusted fund managers and directly in both technology and real estate. BFP acts as an active investor and has no specific restrictions which allows the management to invest where it sees the best opportunities. While aiming to invest a widely diversified international portfolio, the management seeks to control over-diversification by identifying the strongest opportunities and working closely with fund managers and entrepreneurs. The management employs a collaborative strategy always investing alongside the stakeholders to achieve maximum alignment of interest between all partners in a deal.

Technology and Real Estate

With strong long-term returns and low volatility as main objectives, BFP invests private equity in two categories, namely technology and real estate. With technology a fundamental driver of efficiency gains and growth, venture capital offers investors many opportunities to gain substantial returns. Real estate additionally delivers best risk-adjusted returns with a built-in inflation hedge in a low-yield economy. Combined with the fact that positive environmental and social impact is a premise for long-term high returns, BFP invests in mission-driven entities and managers.

Core Principles

Seek compelling relative value
We have a deep-routed value investor mindset and above all else seeks compelling value.

Turning to the future
We believe in taking both undermanaged assets and breathing new life into them and investing in companies aiming to improve lives and change industries for a better future. Our investment strategy helps fulfil our mission to improve the quality of private and public space and our communities.

Environmental and Social Governance
Investment and stewardship bring many responsibilities, including those to the wider community and the environment. We aim for best practice in sustainability and take a highly principled approach to all aspects of ownership to bring maximal value to all stakeholders.

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