7 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Most Recent Investments

  • German Residential Real Estate Portfolio
  • Global Venture Capital Fund of Funds
German Residential Real Estate Portfolio

BFP identified a strong market opportunity in multi-family residential buildings in need of refurbishment in up-and-coming districts in Berlin. To implement a portfolio-building strategy a manager with more than $1bn of transaction experience in Berlin was selected. Assets have been acquired and financed significantly under market value in a 1-year period.

Global Venture Capital Fund of Funds

BFP identified high return potential in venture capital as it provides early stage access to technologies which are the key driver of growth. Also, global diversification is needed to lower risk as opportunities and talent are globally distributed. To achieve best-in-class returns BFP builds a portfolio of early stage funds working closely with alpha managers who keep small fund sizes and add value to their portfolio companies. Co-investment opportunities out of those funds’ winning companies are selected.

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