Fund Investments

Why we invest in technology funds

  • Technology is the key driver of growth to come
  • High diversification substantially lowers risk
  • Higher return potential versus other asset classes


Why we invest globally

  • Talent and opportunities are globally distributed
  • Technology hubs concentrated around Silicon Valley and Israel
  • Emerging hubs like in Berlin and Singapore


Why we invest in small funds

  • Smaller funds generate better returns because they are less dependent on large exits to drive fund performance
  • Stronger alignment of interest with LPs due to success-based compensation structure
  • Availability of direct investment opportunities in the later stages

Direct Investments

Why we invest in growth stage companies

  • Strong value creation driving fast growth
  • Yet substantially de-risked from seed stages
  • Ability to support founders with our entrepreneurial experiences at the growth stage


Why we invest alongside our trusted partners

  • Shared insights into sector trends and global industry developments
  • Deeper set of experience, network and value-add for founders
  • Broader access to direct investment opportunities


Why we are value-add co-investors

  • Strong networks across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific
  • Introductions to capital and potential exit partners
  • Insights into local markets for internationalisation strategies

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